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Born right here in Vermont to the two luckiest parents on earth; growing up I always knew I was meant to do something that involved entertaining as many people as possible. After failing miserably at dance, I put those dreams on hold while I waited for Hollywood to call me up from the minor leagues. I’ve lived in probably half the towns in this amazing state and followed a few different career paths. I’ve been a waitress, a hairdresser, a teacher, government employee but when I got the call to be on the Morning Show it took them weeks to convince me I wasn’t being pranked and I’m beyond thrilled no one has jumped out from a bush yet to tell me this all isn’t real! What brings me the most joy is being up on stage. I’ve acted in community theater productions for the last seven years and now act in several sci-fi series that air on Youtube. When I’m not acting you can usually find me out at the club, on the lake or hiking, or swiping left on the latest dating app.